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city of Littleton, colorado

Located about ten miles southwest of Denver, Littleton has grown into a popular tourist destination, and also attracts people looking for a great place to settle down and raise a family.

The area is home to a variety of attractions and places of interest where visitors and locals alike can have uninterrupted fun. From elaborate hiking and biking trails dotting the awe inspiring landscape, to an interesting array of dining options, Littleton has everything you want and more.

Here is a list of the top things to do in Littleton Colorado thanks to community leaders like Heart-Centered Counseling located at 5911 S Middlefield Rd suite 100, Littleton, CO 80123.

Visit The Littleton Museum

As one of the many affiliates of the Smithsonian, and ranked among the top ten local museums, the Littleton museum is a one of a kind attraction that will impress any visitor. Located on a 39 acre piece of land, the museum is home to a main exhibition, a small lake, collections center and two operational farms depicting typical life back in the 1800s.

Concerts And Festivals At Hudson Gardens

If you are looking to have some outdoor fun this summer attending concerts and festivals, then Hudson Gardens is where you need to go. Covering 30 acres of perfectly manicured lawns, the venue hosts Christmas lights exhibitions during winter. In the fall, the amphitheatre hosts over 25 local breweries participating in the Brew and Beer festival.

Hiking, Biking And Enjoying The Scenery

Littleton is home to miles and miles of hiking and biking trails that make it a haven for outdoor lovers. One great example is Deer Creek Canyon Park, which is home to more than 2 miles of trails. Visitors will also enjoy the impressive views of Denver from this elevated location. Those looking for a bigger challenge when it comes to hiking and mountain biking, then be sure to check out Waterton Canyon which is six miles long, but doubles to twelve when the return leg is included.

Visit Downtown Littleton

This part of Littleton stands as one of the only remaining historic districts in the Front Range. The area is home to a wide selection of stores, shops and many other establishments. Visitors are encouraged to visit this area for its varied shopping establishments including antique shops, galleries and pet stores as well. The area also hosts a variety of popular events throughout the year including a Christmas shopping night and block party among others.

Include the above things to do in Littleton in your travel itinerary to ensure that you time here is as exciting as possible.

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If you are planning to visit Colorado, then make sure that you are giving yourself to nature completely as this houses the rocky mountain peaks as well as many other calming possessions. You are all surrounded with the ski resorts, and you are free to twin in the diverse landscape of the place. There are many recreational places, and at the same time, one can even calm to the fullest from the busy schedules of people. If you are to travel to Colorado then here is a small guide for you to make it way interesting as well as memorable.

Things That You Can’t Skip In Colorado

Few things cannot be missed at any cost, and some of them are having a luxurious stay at Aspen Ski resort in the slopes of Vail Mountain. This is the form of luxury that you will be experience amidst the mountains giving you peace and comfort simultaneously. You also must not miss out the concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre which 400 feet high red stone.

You can even take a tour at New Belgium Brewery. You can also avail the pleasure of getting pampered in the river pools and have a spa in the springs resort. One can even opt to climb high peaks and hiking the Royal Arch Trail. These are some of the things that one must never miss in Colorado. 

Which Time Is The Best For Visiting Colorado?

Visiting the vibrant place Colorado is a nature trip you are making choice of and the place is at its best form in winters mostly. This is the season of a ski as well as snowboarding. You can take complete advantage of the pace, visit destinations whereas if you are choosing to visit the place in summers than the place is warm and dry yet the changing colors of leaves, as well as the vibrant look of the place, can compensate the discomforting warmness in the place.

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Few things that you must not miss is skiing as that is the most adventurous part. Before that, you must never skip having dinners in Denver if you have been to Colorado. The scene that you can witness simultaneously served with luscious dishes can melt your heart. You just cannot get over the seafood that will be served to you.

The giant Great Dune National Park is also a place to be visited as it houses many entertaining beings. You can again have the childlike fond over animals of different species and at the same time can also visit the mountains of sand. You can also play in the sands like kids reviving your childhood days.

Being with friends in such a place is a blessing. You can never get over the adventure of skiing in the running mountains to claim the same burning spirit. The heart-throbbing activities can give you memory to be cherished forever, and these are some of the things that can be the highlight of your trip.

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